Communiqué Issued At The End of The 141st Meeting of The Joint Tax Board (Jtb) Held 16th July, 2018 At Base Event Centre, Industrial Layout, Enugu, Enugu State

The JTB held its 141st Meeting on 16th July, 2018 at Base Event Centre, Industrial Layout, Enugu. The Theme of the meeting was “Leveraging on ICT for Efficient Tax Administration and Revenue Enhancement: Focusing on State IRS”.

The Board deliberated on various issues and adopted the following resolutions:

1. All State Boards of Internal Revenue (SBIR) require Political Will and support to carry out their functions effectively. This will assist State IRS to meet the revenue targets for their States. State Governors are urged to display adequate Political Will to support the process of tax administration. On the part of JTB, any State Chairman who does not deliver on their target will be willing to resign their appointment after the above conditions have been met.

2. All State Governments are encouraged to grant Boards of Internal Revenue Administrative and Financial Autonomy for enhanced revenue collection.

3. All tax authorities should automate their tax administration system in line with global best practices and to enable them take advantage of the newly consolidated National taxpayers’ database for effective exchange of information.

4. Henceforth, all services and transactions that require the presentation of Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) should be enforced in line with the Constitution and extant tax laws.

5. Detailed audit of both Federal and State MDAs to be carried out for the last 6 years to reconcile unremitted taxes and appropriate action taken towards settlement. This will enable the Federal and State Governments generate more revenue to execute projects for the citizenry.

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